we believe..

At Kainos Strength & Conditioning/CrossFit Kainos, our mission is to create an unrivaled level of fitness. A level of fitness that can be universally scalable and that can lend itself to each and every person who walks through our doors. We strive to create UNRIVALED fitness through world class community, coaching, and programming. A community that is positive, supportive, motivating, and all working towards a higher common goal. Coaches who care about each and every member as individuals and have a passion for changing lives through fitness. Programming that is safe and effective. Workouts that are intended to make you lighter, stronger, and faster. These workouts include CONSTANTLY VARIED, FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS, DONE AT HIGH INTENSITY. Above all we are a community of people who take pride in our virtuosity of all things. We have collectively decided that “easy” will no longer suffice. 

Our Coaches