• Firebreather

  • $175
  • Billed monthly

  • Unlimited sessions
  • You will have access to all specialty classes
  • Free child care
  • Contract

  • $144*
  • Billed monthly

  • 12 month contract
  • $153/6 month contract
  • $162/3 month contract


  • Facility Use Only

  • $113
  • Billed monthly

  • Access to the gym during open hours
  • No classes
  • No child care
  • Sloper

  • $87.50
  • Billed monthly

  • Unlimited sessions
  • You will have access to all specialty classes
  • Work must keep you from home 2 weeks per month


  • Kainos Kids

  • $75*
  • Billed monthly

  • Valid for one child
  • 2 children $65/mo/kid
  • 3+ children $50/mo/kid
  • Kainos Pre-K

  • $35
  • Billed monthly

  • 2 Classes/week
  • Ages 3-6
  • Teaches kids about fitness!



  • Kainos Barbell Club

  • $77*
  • Billed monthly

  • 3 Sessions/week
  • 1 Makeup Session/week
  • *price for Kainos members
  • FemmeFit

  • $TBA
  • Billed monthly

  • 3 Sessions/week
  • Womens only club



  • Punches

  • $175
  • One time payment

  • 12 Sessions
  • Expires 3 Months after purchase
  • No child care
  • Drop In

  • $20
  • One time payment

  • For visitors or non-members

What if I want to use your facility but not do classes?

With our move,  Kainos Strength & Conditioning  was born. We now have Open Gym hours for our current members if your plan allows it, or new members looking for the only place in town to drop bumper plates without attending a CrossFit class.

Whoa. You mean I can come to Kainos and not be doing coached CrossFit classes!?

Thats right! We are fully equipped with barbells, bumper plates, Olympic Platforms, squat stands, benches, and plenty more!! We have an open gym room in case there is a class going on and you want to be out of the way.

How long are your contracts?

CrossFit Kainos and Kainos Strength & Conditioning plans are either month-to-month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year contracts. There is a discount for any contract plan. Memberships start on the date of purchase and renew automatically.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

Yes, we offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments of 3 months, 6 month or 1 year. Pre-paid memberships are paid in advance and non-refundable.

What about canceling my membership?

Canceling any CrossFit Kainos membership is an easy process. We require a minimum 7 days advance written notification for canceling or changing any membership. To cancel or change a membership, email Brennen at

What’s the deal with kid care?

We currently have a Kids Area set up in our new space. There is provided child care Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our 9am and 530pm classes for UNLIMITED members only! It is available for use during our other classes if your child is old enough to be by themselves. We also allow kids in our lobby as long as they don’t come onto the black mats and are not a distraction to coaches or other athletes.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, at any time. We require a written notification at least 7 days prior to any change.

What if I am going on vacation?

You are permitted to put your membership on a temporary hold for a minimum of ten days and a maximum of thirty days, up to two times per twelve month period. The request to place your membership on hold must be submitted at least seven days prior to the hold dates (no retro active holds) and must include an end date or return date. Auto payments will resume after the hold period.

Do you have any discounts?

We do! We offer a 10% discount for Fire, Police, First Responders, Military, and Full Time College Students. There is a 15% discount for couples and 25% for families of 3 or more. There is one discount per membership; pre-paid membership packages and contract pricing excluded.

What’s the deal with drop-ins?

We love CrossFitters visiting from different boxes. Our drop-in rate is $20 per class and previous CrossFit experience is mandatory. Please contact us to let us know you are coming!