Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity.

At CrossFit Kainos, we require at least 3-6 months of training at another CrossFit gym to jump right into classes. There is a mandatory test out to skip our FOUNDATIONS course that involves movements we believe to be highly functional and quite common in our programming.

If you haven’t ever experienced CrossFit: GOOD! Let us be the first to teach you the proper mechanics to get you moving correctly.
Foundations classes are currently being schedule on a first come, first serve basis. Meaning Brennen will individually contact you and set up 1 on 1 session for you, worked around for YOU. After your 3 hands on classes, you will receive your first month of unlimited CrossFit for FREE! You can begin reserving spots and joining our members in regular class times!

For more information on starting CrossFit, drop us a line below!

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 35257 Kenai Spur Hwy, Soldotna.   Heading West on the Kenai Spur Highway, turn left at Park Ave. Then left behind the Beemuns building. Follow that road straight back to our parking lot!

Have questions? That’s normal! Drop us a line or stop in to see us during business hours!